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An exclusive from Josh Robbins of

Breaking news from Josh Robbins of!

In our interview on June 17th, 2013, Josh revealed the next incredible contribution he is making to the community of people living with HIV. He is going to be creating an I’m Still Josh (ISJ) HIV phone/tablet app!

“I have looked at all the HIV apps on the market and while they all have their own individual amazingness, there is no particular one that I would go ‘hell yeah this is the HIV app for those of us living with HIV,’” said Josh, when explaining his desire to create his own app.

Josh’s goal is to make an HIV app that will be truly useful for people living with HIV.

Some of his ideas for an ISJ HIV app include a:
  • Discrete icon: it would be hidden behind what looks like a camera application so the icon doesn’t, according to Josh, “scream HIV”
  • Password: so no one but the user can access the user’s personal information
  • Health newsfeed: with the latest HIV research and information. The newsfeed will be interactive and not promote any one individual health product or pharmaceutical organization.
  • HIV data tracker: This will track information  such as a user’s CD4 count, viral load, etc.  All data will be able to be translated into a graph or table.
    • But wait there’s more! Furthermore, users will be able to send this data to their computer, email, or wherever they want in the event they want it for their records or to share with a physician. As with all other aspects of the app, there will be no identifying information on these files to connect it back to the user.

Sound interesting? Is there something you would like to see on the ISJ HIV app? Josh would love to get your feedback on what you think would be an important feature to include! If you have a great idea (and if you are part of our SAN community, we are certain you do!) contact Josh!

In order to make this app a reality, Josh is currently in the process of raising $3,000. If you would like to make a contribution click here!

The SAN looks forward to seeing this awesome new application from Josh and ISJ! We are certain it will have as big an impact in the community of advocates and people living with HIV as Josh himself has!

A big, big thank you to Josh for an amazing interview! Be sure to check out the blog post or the podcast if you haven’t already! And to learn more about Josh and his amazing work visit his website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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